Vip’s Benefits :

  • A reserved slot on all of our servers
  • The [blblbl ViP] TAG when online on our servers
  • The «VIP Players» role on blblblblbl’s discord

blblblblbl VIP

  • Processing the application can take a few days, don’t hesitate to send an email ( [email protected] ) or DM « MouGe » directly on discord.
  • There will be no refunds, no matter the reason !
  • You need to connect directly to the servers using the console command “connect IP” in order to use your VIP slot.

Our offers :

  • The Chad Package:
    Duration: 1 month
    Price: 8 euro
  • Alpha as fuck – Save 5%  :
    Duration: 3 months
    Price: 22 euro

Contact :

Find your SteamID at :

VIP blblblblbl - Pack
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Monthly VIP subscription
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