Taking place this Friday 5th of October, this first edition of the blblblblbl Cup in duo was a resounding success, with more than sixty players on the pitch.

Moreover, we wanted to encourage high-risk play by rewarding kills made with a crossbow or a melee weapon 5 minutes into the game with extra points. Unfortunately, we have yet to see first blood in this latest category, however the rest of the tournament kept its promise of a high-intensity competition.

For this edition, the trophy was claimed by one of the home team as it is the blblblblbl.TeamPélican composed of Aspirafion and Zepssen who took the first place. In good position for the first two rounds, we still had to wait until the very last minute for their victory to be acquired, with a rather spectacular finish from Zepssen himself, ending the game with a grand total of 1730 points.

At the second place, the Papagei managed to instil fear among their opponents throughout the full four rounds and finish with a total of 1300 points.

Last but not least, the SvengiJengi! get the third place with a well-deserved 1170 points.

We would like to kindly thank all the people involved in this competition, the players as much as the staff, and we hope to see you for the next edition of the blblblblbl Cup, which should happen relatively soon but with a format yet to be defined.

See you soon!

The blblblblbl structure was created in 2013. For a long time it was mainly a Counter-Strike team with MouGe, Zepssen2k, NoSigNstar and Dren as core members. The structure later offered multiple CSGO servers which are still very popular to this date. Today, we’ve decided to start a new project based on the very well known Battle-Royale type game, PUBG.

While on CSGO the team was more oriented towards playing competitive events, this time on PUBG the short term goal will be to organize them on a regular basis.

And for that, we can count on a skilled team composed of mature and motivated members who have known and played together for many years now. Our goals will be to establish a solid structure within the pubg european landscape as well as to provide the community with both entertaining and serious competitive events while keeping the chilled atmosphere that make blblblblbl what it is.

The first edition of the blblblblbl Cup will be held the 5h of october 2018 at 20:30 CEST.

A brief summary of the first edition ruleset:

  • Duo
  • Sanhok Only
  • 45 team of 2 players
  • 1 sub
  • Best out of 4
  • Special rules for melee weapons and crossbow

You will find every informations you need about the tournament on our official Discord or directly on Xpulz.

We are waiting for your registration with impatience and our staff stands ready for any questions you may have.

So without losing any time, go and apply here !!!!

See you very soon !