It once was a time when the blblblblbl family was all but love and friendship…. Then not so long ago, deceit entered their lives. Backstabs, lies and betrayal was now their daily life. Who will be the best lier ? Who will give the lethal injection to a traitor ? Who will manipulate everyone without […]

Taking place this Friday 5th of October, this first edition of the blblblblbl Cup in duo was a resounding success, with more than sixty players on the pitch. Moreover, we wanted to encourage high-risk play by rewarding kills made with a crossbow or a melee weapon 5 minutes into the game with extra points. Unfortunately, […]

The blblblblbl structure was created in 2013. For a long time it was mainly a Counter-Strike team with MouGe, Zepssen2k, NoSigNstar and Dren as core members. The structure later offered multiple CSGO servers which are still very popular to this date. Today, we’ve decided to start a new project based on the very well known […]

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